Swimming pool De Meerkamp


Swimming pool de Meerkamp

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Swimming pool De Meerkamp offers everything for a day full of water fun. You can enjoy the waves in our wave pool, take a soothing steam bath in one of our steam cabins and relax in our hot whirlpools with aroma therapy. But that is not everything.

From baby and toddler swimming to more exercise for the elderly and from AquaBootcamp to AquaRelax, at De Meerkamp you will always find a nice swimming or exercise lesson that suits you. Of course, De Meerkamp also offers excellent swimming lessons for children and adults. De Meerkamp is also the home base for many associations. How about water polo, competitive swimming or diving? Swimming enthusiasts of all ages, with or without disabilities, can enjoy themselves in De Meerkamp. Do you also dare a jump in the deep or the shallow?