AquaFit is a very varied training on three levels

If you are looking for a good workout in the water, the AquaFit 💪💪💪 classes are for you.
AquaFit 💪💪💪 has exercises with an ever-changing effort level in hip-deep water. The intensity of the exercises goes from low to high and that makes the training extremely effective. This way you get out of the water with the feeling that you have really done something.

AquaFit 💪💪
Are you no longer a beginner, but do you not see sports at an advanced level yet? Then we have the AquaFit 💪💪 classes for you! With this training you can build up your condition to a really good condition. The exercises are not only aimed at fitness but also at building strength.

Would you really like to exercise, but are you afraid that you can't join one of the aqua sports yet? The AquaFit 💪 training sessions are especially for you. In the AquaFit 💪 training you can still improve your fitness in a sporty way with little physical strain. AquaFit 💪 is therefore ideally suited for you. You can also follow these classes to warm up for a heavier workout, to cool down or to recover from an injury.

Look for class days and times at the opening hours.

Holidays and public holidays
During holidays and public holidays there are adjusted lesson times.

Valid entrance tickets
You can participate during the day with an AquaFit separate pool, an AquaFit 65+ separate pool, an All You Can Sport monthly pass or an All You Can Sport annual pass.
In the evening you can participate with a separate AquaMix pool, a 12-lesson Aquasports card, a monthly All You Can Sport pass or an annual All You Can Sport pass.
Click here for the rates.


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