The winner of half a year of free swimming is known!

In September, many of our customers completed a customer satisfaction survey for us. By completing the customer satisfaction survey, a nice prize could be won, namely six months of free swimming! 

We would of course like to thank all loyal customers for completing the survey. With your contribution we can make De Meerkamp an even better swimming pool.

The prize winner of the free swimming half year is; Teddy!
Teddy was able to receive her prize last Friday.

We look forward to seeing you again soon in De Meerkamp!

The team of De Meerkamp


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We are open until 5:00 pm

From November 28, if you are 13 years or older, you have to go to the cash register to have your corona pass scanned. Wearing a mouth cap is mandatory in our entire accommodation, you can take it off in the swimming room.

We are open until 17:00, all evening classes are cancelled.

You can now also buy your entrance ticket online!

Click here to buy your ticket directly.

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