Get on your bike!

In the Netherlands we like to cycle all too much. We are the only country in the world where bicycles are used so much. In fact, in other parts of the world the bicycle is not used at all. This is because the Netherlands is one of the flattest countries in the world. The bike gives us a lot of freedom, especially in our youth, as everyone can cover distances that are too big to walk and it is faster. In addition, the bicycle is also much better for the environment than the car or moped. So come by bike to the swimming pool where your child has swimming lessons!


The bicycle is many times more durable than the car. It takes up much less space and lasts at least as long. In addition, the maintenance of a bicycle is much cheaper than that of a car, so it is better to take the bicycle than the car for shorter distances. In addition, the bicycle is also not very harmful to the environment. Of course the production does, but the bike itself does not emit exhaust gases or anything like that! Compared to a car, this is of course many times more environmentally conscious.

You get old less quickly from cycling

It is important to learn to ride a bike at a young age so that you can do it well later. An advantage of cycling is that scientifically research shows that it lowers biological age. This can differ up to 9 years in a human life! So take your child to the swimming pool on a bicycle and cycle with him or her to school so that they already learn to cycle well!


By cycling you build up a greater resistance and you also get sick less quickly! That is why it is very wise to let your children cycle to school during their school and secondary school period. Sports in general is very important!

A new bike doesn't have to be expensive. Are you familiar with the Popal Daily Dutch bicycles? These affordable bicycles are of good quality and a perfect alternative to bicycles of a higher price range such as Batavus, Gazelle, etc.

Cycling has a bigger influence than you think

Cycling helps against a lot of ailments and diseases. It is the most ideal way to get rid of joint problems as it makes your muscles flexible. read here more about the benefits of cycling.

It also does something to you mentally. For example, research shows that people who used to cycle a lot have more discipline and have a greater chance of success than people who have done or do this little. So take up the challenge with your child and hop on your bike to school and work whenever possible.


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Dear visitor of the swimming pool of De Meerkamp

It is autumn break where we expect many recreational swimmers. You do not need to make a reservation for your visit to us. You also do not need a QR code for the swimming pool. See you soon!

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