Buy your entrance ticket online

No more queuing!
From today you can buy your entrance ticket online. That is so easy if you come for a swim with the whole family. You no longer have to queue at the cash register and you can immediately enter the bath with your e-ticket via our turnstiles! Also useful if you want to try a separate AquaSport lesson or a Baby and Toddler lesson.

click here for buying an e-ticket

You can scan the e-ticket directly from your phone. Do you set the brightness of your screen to maximum? Of course you can also just print the e-tickets.

We wish you a lot of swimming fun.

See you soon!

The team of De Meerkamp


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We are open until 5:00 pm

From November 28, if you are 13 years or older, you have to go to the cash register to have your corona pass scanned. Wearing a mouth cap is mandatory in our entire accommodation, you can take it off in the swimming room.

We are open until 17:00, all evening classes are cancelled.

You can now also buy your entrance ticket online!

Click here to buy your ticket directly.

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