Online tickets

You can simply buy your entrance ticket online!

Before you go swimming, you can easily and quickly buy an e-ticket at home. You can print and scan the e-ticket at the gates. You can also scan the image on your phone at the gates. Set the brightness of your screen to maximum.

How do I buy an e-ticket?

First indicate how many tickets you want to buy, then enter your e-mail address and check the box “I agree with the terms and conditions”. You will then be forwarded to our payment site via a secure connection.

Good to know

The same conditions apply to tickets purchased online for the swimming pool De Meerkamp as to tickets purchased at the box office. Click here for terms and conditions.

Click on the plus after the ticket you want to buy. Enter your email address and pay with IDEAL.

Online tickets can only be paid via iDeal. Do you make sure that you complete the payment immediately?

You will receive your tickets approximately 15 minutes after receipt of payment. You will receive the tickets as an attachment in the e-mail that we send to the e-mail address you enter. So check that e-mail address carefully! Did you not receive anything? Then check your spam box.

Tickets purchased online are immediately valid for a maximum of 1 week (7 x 24 hours) after the time of purchase.

You can print your ticket and take it with you to the swimming pool. You can also leave the e-ticket on your phone. Set your screen resolution to high when scanning the QR code at the turnstile. Only a valid ticket gets 1x access to the swimming pool.

Yes. You will receive a separate email with an attachment for each ticket purchased. Count your tickets and make sure you have all the tickets with you!

New. At the moment, online renewal of subscriptions is not yet possible. Soon it will be possible.

New. No refund or compensation will be given on tickets purchased online. Tickets must be used within 7 days of purchase.

Yes, you can scan the ticket at the turnstile from your phone. Make sure that the QR code is clearly legible (screen brightness at maximum).

New. Therefore, check the opening times of the swimming pool carefully to see if your ticket is valid.

It is then best to contact your bank to find out why the payment was not successful. 

You can buy the following tickets


  • Los bad Job Swimming (not valid on Sundays)
  • Los bad Job swimming Sunday / holiday
  • Los bad Recreational swimming (not valid on Sundays)
  • Los bad Recreational swimming Sunday / holiday

Aqua sports

  • Separate pool AquaSport / AquaMix (evening)
  • Loose bath Baby/toddler swimming 
  • Loose bath ABG
  • Loose bath Pregnancy swimming