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Hallmark safe and clean

Swimming pool de Meerkamp is in possession of the Safe & Clean quality mark.

All swimming pools in the Netherlands must comply with applicable laws and regulations. With the Safe & Clean Quality Mark, the swimming pool industry responds to the wishes and requirements that customers, owners, pool management and governments place on swimming pools. Realizing structural quality improvement in this way distinguishes swimming pools.

The Safe & Clean Quality Mark, issued by the Swimming Pool Trust® Foundation, leads to a strengthening of the important social function of swimming pools and also to better business results. The Quality Mark is a non-mandatory scheme with the legal framework as a lower limit and above that on a number of extra quality requirements. The reliability of the quality mark has been rated at 9.4 by ConsuWijzer, the information desk for consumers of the Dutch government.

Visit the website of the Safe & Clean quality mark For more information.

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