Rates 2022*

 Rate from January 1, 2022Validity
Day tickets
separate bathtub (children 0 and 1 year free)€ 5,90
loose bath recreational Sunday€ 6,90
loose bath recreational holidays€ 6,90
loose bath 65+€ 4,90for 65 years and older, on presentation of identification
loose bath groups€ 4,90Click here for terms and conditions
Amstelveen pass€ 2,45
Activities & Events
loose bath disco swimming€ 8,00
swim4days€ 12,50
Lake pool cards
12 bath card€ 59,001 year
12 bath card 65+€ 49,001 year, for 65 years and older, on presentation of identification
12 bath card Amstelveen pass€ 24,501 year
Period cards
monthly card job swimming & recreational€ 57,301 month
Job swimming annual ticket€ 573,001 year
Recreational facilities
Whirlpools/Turkish Gardens€ 3,20
blow dryers€ 0,20
Swimming lessons
Lesson packs
Registration fee€ 29,50
Package ABC€ 965,00
Swimming package A intensive€1,715.00 or 10 installments of €185
Monthly card swim ABC€ 55,50per month
Swimming ability€ 55,50per month
Mermaid Swimming€ 55,50per month
Adult swimming lessons€ 55,50per month
Target audiences
Single lesson Aquasport€ 7,90
12 lessons card Aquasport€ 79,006 months
Single lesson Aquasport Family€ 7,90
12 lessons card Aquasport Family€ 79,006 months
Extra person rate (with our baby-toddler classes)€ 4,90
duplicate pass€ 8,80

* Our rates are subject to change.

On all our entrance tickets are the Terms and Conditions applicable.

With a release pool, release pool 65+, 12 baths card and 12 baths card 65+ you can participate in:
Amstelveen Moves Healthy
Aqua sports during the day. 

With an Aquasport Family release pool and an Aquasport Family 12 bath card, you can participate in:
Baby and Toddler Lessons
toddler survival
Kindergarten Survival
Family Fun Swim

With an Aquasport release pool and an Aquasport 12 bath card, you can participate in:
Aqua sports 'in the evening