House rules

1. General

1.1 These house rules apply to every user who is in the swimming pool complex de Meerkamp (hereinafter referred to as: de Meerkamp). The gym is not part of the swimming pool complex. The provisions of the general and specific rental conditions apply insofar as they are not explicitly deviated from in these regulations.

1.2 On these house rules the protocol is: “Happy and Safe” applies, as agreed between the regional swimming pools and the police. If the rules in these All-Around regulations are stricter or heavier, they apply.

1.3 The management of the Meerkamp annually determines the opening times of the various pools. Deviations from this will be announced in good time.
Failure of one or more pools as a result of maintenance, repair failures and/or force majeure does not entitle the user to a refund of entrance fees already paid.

1.4 To ensure that every visitor/user has the safest possible stay in the Meerkamp and also to watch over everyone's belongings as well as possible, the swimming pool is secured with, among other things, video and photo equipment.

2. Access; expulsion for inappropriate behavior

2.1 Access to the Meerkamp is only possible with a valid admission ticket/membership ticket to be shown at the request of the staff. Children without a swimming certificate are only allowed in if accompanied by an adult of 18 years or older in swimwear, who is skilled in the art of swimming. The supervisor may take care of a maximum of 4 minors with a diploma or 2 minors without a diploma. During the visit to De Meerkamp, the supervisor is responsible at all times for both his/her own children and for the children entrusted to him/her.
On Sundays and public holidays there is family swimming: persons under the age of 18 are only admitted when accompanied by someone of 18 years or older. The supervisor may take care of a maximum of 4 minors with a diploma or 2 minors without a diploma. During the visit to De Meerkamp, the supervisor is responsible at all times for both his/her own children and for the children entrusted to him/her.
Staff can refuse a visitor access who is apparently under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or who misbehaves towards staff and/or other visitors at the discretion of the staff.

2.2 At the entrance, the personnel of the Meerkamp may ask anyone who wishes to enter the Meerkamp to show a valid proof of identity and can check the luggage taken along for the presence of weapons, drugs and/or an abundance of alcoholic beverages. If found, access will be denied.

2.3 A user who, in the opinion of the staff, misbehaves during his stay in the Meerkamp, is apparently under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, does not comply with the rules set out in the general terms and conditions and/or in these regulations, or who otherwise guilty of inadmissible behavior towards staff or fellow users may be expelled by staff. This may or may not be accompanied by other measures such as a temporary or permanent access ban.

2.4 In the event of misconduct involving physical violence, discriminatory behaviour, threats and/or undesired indecent behaviour, such as sexual harassment, the police will always and immediately be called in.
An overview in which cases a certain measure is applied is laid down in an appendix to these regulations.

3. Users will adhere to the following rules within the Meerkamp:

  • not cause any form of nuisance to fellow users, other third parties and/or the staff on duty
  • strictly follow the directions of the staff
  • do not bring or allow pets or pets
  • do not use and/or trade drugs (violation leads to the involvement of the police)
  • no alcohol consumption in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pools in the indoor and outdoor pool
  • not carrying, displaying and/or using any kind of weapon (violation leads to the involvement of the police)
  • do not bring gas-filled balloons or other highly flammable liquids
  • no smoking in the building, on the outside area and in the vicinity of the entrance (indoor and outdoor pool)
  • eat and drink only in the designated places (indoor pool terrace: restaurant; outdoor terrace, playground)
  • not be guilty of vandalism in and around the complex
  • clean up your own mess; contribute to a clean environment

4. Rules of conduct regarding the use of changing rooms

4. Users will:
do not leave clothes in the changing cubicles; or in other places where it is not allowed
use the available wardrobes and/or racks
contribute to keeping the changing rooms as clean as possible
staying in the cloakrooms for no other reason than changing clothes

5. Regulations/rules of conduct regarding the use of the baths

5.1 Swimming in the pools (indoor and outdoor) is only allowed in appropriate swimwear.
No buttons and zippers
Pants with legs above the knee

5.2 In the indoor accommodation:

  • the wearing of footwear is not allowed
  • buggies may only be parked in the designated places
  • no music may be played
  • must not be jumped or dived into the whirlpools
  • it is not allowed to dive or jump from the raised edge into the wave pool
  • running on the platforms along the baths is not allowed
  • Can the staff prohibit playing with balls and other objects?
  • no breakable or sharp objects are allowed. (like glass)

5.3 To be allowed to swim in both competition pools, one must be in possession of a swimming certificate. Staff may prohibit anyone who, in their opinion, does not have adequate swimming skills from swimming in the competition pools. If in doubt about swimming skills, you may be asked to take a swimming test

5.4 Giving (private) swimming lessons or instruction during hours intended for recreational swimming is not permitted in any of the pools.

5.5 The outdoor pool (competition pool) is only for persons with a swimming diploma.

6. Risk and Liability
6.1 The use of or the stay in the Meerkamp and the use of the inventory and materials contained therein are at the user's/visitor's own expense and risk.

6.2 Parents and/or supervisors are at all times responsible for supervising the children entrusted to them. They must follow the instructions of the supervisory staff in this regard.

6.3 Any liability of the Meerkamp for direct or indirect (injury) damage as a result of the use of or the stay in the Meerkamp and/or the use of the inventory and materials contained therein is excluded, except in the case of intent or gross negligence on the part of its staff or third parties working under its responsibility.

6.4 Any liability of de Meerkamp for loss, damage or theft of materials and/or property of the users is excluded.

6.5 It is not allowed to take any belongings from the swimming pool (eg locker keys, teaching materials, etc.) home, this is seen as theft and we will have to call in the police.


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