Swimming lesson

We offer different types of swimming lessons, so you can choose a swimming lesson that best suits your child. Your child can participate in swimming lessons from the age of 4, but keep in mind our waiting lists.

I want to take swimming lessons

Do you think the waiting time is too long and do you want to start swimming lessons with your child earlier?

Then go with your child to Baby and Toddler Class, toddler survival orĀ Family Fun Swim. These classes are real moments to do something together. With the instructor you playfully clear your child from water and your child learns the basics of swimming. This way your child can start the swimming lessons well prepared.

Are you on the waiting list for Wednesday afternoon?

Swimming lessons on Wednesday afternoons are very popular. Choose a different day and your child will be shorter on the waiting list.
If you would still like to take swimming lessons with your child on a Wednesday afternoon, take a look at Swimming club ABC, they teach in Healthcity Premium, Escapade 1, Amstelveen, among others.

I'm taking swimming lessons