Swimming lessons for 7 years and older

Is your child a bit older?
Then it is often more fun that your child can take lessons with peers. That is why de Meerkamp has swimming lessons especially for these children for children aged 7 and older. The waiting lists for these groups are shorter than the regular waiting lists.

Classes and duration
The groups are 12 children and the swimming lessons last 45 minutes per lesson.

Lesson day and lesson time
Look for class days and times on the swimming lesson schedule.

Holidays and public holidays
There are no classes during the holidays and public holidays.

Valid entrance tickets

Swim ABC – package
This all-in package offers:

  • a diploma guarantee with 95% presence at the lessons.
  • diploma and graduation costs included.
  • free access for your child if you want to practice with your child during free swimming.

monthly card
With a monthly pass, your child can attend four lessons. The monthly card is always renewed consecutively. You also pay diploma and graduation costs.


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